Are you ready for USP 800?

UPS 800 Image
The goal of USP 800 is to promote patient safety, worker safety, and environmental protection from hazardous drugs (HD’s).
Some of the new guidelines could be published in early 2016.

The time to prepare is now.

Points to remember:
1. (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment. Utilizing the appropriate protective equipment based upon the task performed. Examples of equipment include chemo gowns, gloves and masks.
2. Facility design. Hazardous drugs must be stored in negative or normal/neutral pressure. Compounding must be completed in certified biological safety cabinets or compounding aseptic containment isolators in a separate room with negative pressure.
3. Cleaning. Cleaning of HD areas must include Deactivation, Decontamination, and Disinfection.
4. Supplemental Engineering Controls. Closed-System Drug-Transfer Devices (CSTD) should be used when compounding and shall be used when administering.
5. Medical Surveillance. USP800 will mandate policies and procedures for medical surveillance purposes, such as testing and monitoring of staff for exposure to HDs.

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To download the Proposed 800 Hazardous Drugs-Handling in Healthcare Settings click here.


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