The Solution for Equipment Tracking

Medtrakk from IMS is a real-time tracking system to monitor the usage, status, and location of all your mobile assets. Combined with better distribution processes, Medtrakk can help you:

  • Reduce inventory while improving asset availability
  • Decrease capital and operating expenditure
  • Improve the efficiency and safety of patient care
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Track your orders in the IMS Portal

The Medtrakk Process

Locate your assets

Mobile assets like Ambulatory Pumps, IV Pumps, Respiratory Equipment and Accessories routinely get lost in the field. With Medtrakk, each piece of equipment is entered into the tracking system via Barcode scanning. Using a web browser, staff can track asset location and status in real time throughout the facility.

  • Track by location, patient, or a combination of both
  • Search by equipment location, model, or patient
Select the equipment to track
Right-size your inventory

If you can’t locate your mobile assets, the need to rent to ensure availability for patients increases. Medtrakk can help break the costly rental cycle, enabling you to use less equipment more efficiently. We typically see an inventory reduction of 5-10% when combining Medtrakk with better distribution processes. For example, a 200-patient facility that reduces its inventory of 300+ infusion pumps by 100 can achieve $300,000 to $500,000 in savings by reducing rentals, terminating leases, decreasing maintenance costs, and avoiding unnecessary capital expenditure during their next pump purchase.

Select a site, location, and/or patient to assign equipment to
Ensure safety and compliance

On any given day, how many devices in your system meet cleanliness standards? How many are up-to-date with scheduled maintenance? In many facilities, the number is distressingly low. Medtrakk can help you automate better compliance with cleaning protocols, and report preventative maintenance due dates. Medtrakk’s centralized database also provides a complete equipment and service history to support your compliance efforts.

Track where your equipment is located and when it's ready to be returned to IMS
Turn on the light

Customers tell us that adding Medtrakk is like turning on a light switch. One day they’re in the dark about their mobile assets, the next day, they know exactly where each asset is and how it it being used. As a result, you can make better decision about operational workflow, which can lead to improved patient care and more revenue opportunities.

Single Screen Equipment Visibility & Tracking
The Medtrakk UI

By providing a single user interface, we reduce the time needed to review, report, and track equipment throughout your facility.

Standard Reports

For those reports that need to be utilized outside of Medtrakk, we offer stock reports that allow you to print all pertinent information.


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