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EMED SCIg60™ Infusion Products

Integrated Medical Systems, Inc. is proud to carry EMED’s SCIg60™ infusion line, the latest system of clinically engineered products to improve your infusion experience. EMED was the first to optimize a family of infusion therapy devices designed specifically for the subcutaneous administration of immunoglobulin. 

Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Therapy (SCIg) offers a viable alternative to Primary Immune deficient (PI) patients because of it’s ability to administer controlled dosages of immunoglobulin over a period of several hours through a small needle placed immediately below the skin. Click on any product name below to view the individual product in the IMS Portal.

SCIg60™ Infusion Products Include:

EMED SCIg60™ Infuser Ambulatory Infusion Pump

The SCIg60TM Infuser is a reusable constant pressure mechanical, non-electronic ambulatory infusion pump controlled by the VersaRate® flow controller, a disposable device that offers the clinician and patient a way to adjust the flow rate with an easy-to-use dial. Flow rate controls are designed to improve flow rate control in home and hospital settings. It is the first mechanical syringe infusion system cleared by the FDA specifically for infusion of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) into the subcutaneous tissue.

EMED VersaRate® and VersaRate® Plus Adjustable Flow Rate Controllers

The VersaRate® and VersaRate® Plus adjustable flow controllers from EMED are intended to help offset and absorb the variations inherent to the patients, delivery system and environmental conditions by allowing adjustment of flow rate through its dial to meet specific infusion needs. Through added control, the VersaRate® allows the patient to optimize a short, simple, and effortless infusion experience. 


VersaRate® is a flow control device that was designed in response to patient and clinician requests to add exibility to therapies that require flow rate variations during infusion clinical settings.

VersaRate® Plus

VersaRate® Plus is a flow control device that was originally designed in response to patient and clinician requests to add exibility to therapies that require flow rate variations during various infusion clinical settings.

Drug manufacturers are developing new immunoglobulin products and infusion protocols that require the latest in flow rate control devices and technology. VersaRate® Plus expands the range of flow rates available so that patients are able to use these new products and optimize their infusion.

Soft-Glide® Single & Multi-Needle SUB-Q Infusion Sets

Needle sharpness and pain associated with needle insertion and removal are critical aspects of medical needles. Working with leading clinicians in the field of immunology, EMED tackled the needle sharpness challenge and developed a subcutaneous infusion needle that will take lead in the market. Your patients will notice a significant difference when using EMED’s Soft-Glide® needle design and coating technology. Click button below to view full Soft-Glide product offering in the IMS Portal.

EMED SCIg Infuset™ Rate Control Sets

The Infuset™ was designed with careful attention to detail, and was created with the purpose to maintain a constant flow rate. It is equipped with universal Luer Lock fittings, allowing for easy attachment on multiple devices. EMED has created technology that allows the Infuset™ to handle a wide variety of rates to meet clinical requirements and a wide viscosity range. The Infuset™ is the first rate set cleared by the FDA for use with subcutaneous Ig, including Hizentra, Gammagard, and Cuvitru. Infusets are optimized to work with the Soft-Glide family of sets.

Flow Rate Calculator Tool

For use with VersaRate®, VersaRate Plus®, and Infuset™, the flow rate calculators are tools that are meant to assist healthcare professionals in the selection of infusion products and their appropriate settings to ensure a safe and comfortable infusion experience. Visit www.versarate.com/calculator to use the Flow Rate Calculator Tool.

To order any of the EMED SCIg60™ Infusion products, please contact your IMS Sales Representative or click the EMED product brochure button above to access individual products in MyIMS.cloud. If you are not a current customer of IMS and would like more information on the EMED SCIg60™ Infusion products, please use the form below to contact us. We will connect you with an IMS Sales Representative in your area.


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