Medical Device Safety Alert: Syringes Being Used with Fresenius Kabi Agilia Connect Syringe Pump

Fresenius Kabi has notified IMS that the Agilia Connect Syringe Pump (SP) at your facility may encounter safety issues due to incompatible Cardinal Health Monoject Syringes being used with the Agilia SP.


On February 2, 2024, Cardinal Health has issued a recall for removal of all sizes of the Cardinal Health Monoject sterile Syringe Luer-Lock Tip Soft Packs (1, 3, 6, 12, 20, 35, and 60 mL). Cardinal Health distributes Monoject syringes which are branded as “Cardinal Health Monoject syringes”, and these syringes are different from the previously branded “Covidien Monoject syringes” as they have different dimensions.



Please read the recall details from Fresenius Kabi thoroughly and check to see if your inventory contains any affected products. If you have affected products, please follow the steps outlined in the recall and contact IMS Customer Service at 800.755.3800 to start your return.